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Halloween and Your Pets

Halloween is around the corner and we are cautioning pet owners to be aware of the stresses and dangers that come with the tricks and treats. Halloween in Australia is not as popular as in the United States, but we are seeing an increase in trick-or-treating and often kids appear at the door not dressed […]

Presenting our Summer Hill Village Vet 2021 Trailer!

In an effort to contribute to our local community we sponsored Ashfield Public School’s 2021 Movie Night. The sponsorship involved the clinic showcasing a little video introducing you to the Summer Hill Village Vet Team, we hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Food Allergies in Dogs

Did you know that 6-20% dogs have food allergies? You may be one of the excellent pet owners who feeds your dogs premium food and keeps them up to date with flea and tick treatment – so why is it that your furry friend is still experiencing itchy skin and diarrhoea? What is food allergy […]

Complexity of Skin Disease

We wish we had one simple solution for your pet’s skin problems but due to the complexity of skin issues, multiple diagnostic tests and elimination trials are often needed to reach a diagnosis. What causes skin disease in dogs? There are a number of causes for skin disease in dogs including: Parasites such as fleas […]

How to keep your indoor cat happy

A common misconception with pet owners is that cats are low maintenance and anti-social – this could not be further from the truth! They may have a different way of expressing their needs to their canine counterparts but cats thrive on social interaction. These days more and more people are choosing to keep their cats […]

Update on Covid-19 and Pets

At Summer Hill Village Vet we are constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation with respect to our pets and to keep you accurately informed. Our information is primarily sourced from: World Health Organisation, Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Veterinary Practitioners Board and Australian Veterinary Association. To date there have been NO CASES of transmission of […]