New Cat Boarding Houses!

We have received our first pair of BRAND NEW large cat houses for our boarders!

We know how worrying it can be to put your furry family members into boarding whilst you go away.

To make your cats as comfortable as possible and give you peace of mind, we have ordered fancy new cattery houses.

Our cat boarders will enjoy a larger enclosure with multi-levels, maximising space and encouraging movement. With that said, we will continue letting our boarders out in our office to stretch their legs and have a run around. The new houses also have a separate ‘room’ where your cats can sleep in privacy as well as an ‘ensuite’ for their litter so that the other areas of their home stay clean.

Another cool feature is that separate housings can be joined together, allowing cats from the same family to have their own house each with the option to visit each other 🙂

If you are looking to find more information or to make a booking for your four-legged friend into our cat hotel please call us on 02 9797 2555 or shoot us an email at

If you have a senior/special needs cat find out how we tailor their boarding experience to their needs here


**Please remember that we require all our boarding cats to be up to date with vaccinations prior to their stay – this is to ensure the health and safety of ALL our boarders as well as hospital patients.**