Welcome to Summer Hill Village Vet cat boarding

Our standards of care

We want you to know we prioritise the well-being and comfort of your furry, purring pets. As part of our responsibility to you, boarding your companion in a veterinary hospital, we assume a higher level of care and monitoring. Our staff tend to your pet several times a day, if they identify any concerns, a vet on duty will be promptly consulted.

For boarding enquiries please call us at 9797 2555.

Our boarding facilities

We have tried hard to create a comfortable setting for our boarding guests. In case you have not had a tour, to see for yourself, here are the main features of our boarding facility:

  • Each kennel has two shelves for them to climb, jump and rest
  • Two separate hidden compartments, one for sleeping and one for their private business
  • There is, in permanent use, a plug in Feliway diffuser, which emulates the natural pheromones released by a mother cat to calm her kittens
  • The kennels are arranged to minimise direct line of sight with another cat
  • Our caring animal attendants and nurses check, play or spend time with our temporary lodgers at least once a day, usually more
  • They are cleaned and fed several times a day

Settling in and extra support

From our experience we understand that some cats can find it challenging to adjust to a new environment, especially when they are away from their familiar territory or are near other unfamiliar cats. Despite our efforts it’s not uncommon for some cats to experience temporary disruptions in their eating, drinking, or toileting patterns.

While most cats settle in quickly, we aim to prevent any discomfort becoming prolonged. If your cat shows signs they are not settling in well, our vets may recommend medication to reduce anxiety, or something to assist their appetite, or, in some cases, administer extra fluids to prevent dehydration.

Please note if your furry friend needs this extra help during their stay, there will be additional charges:

  • If your pet needs a small amount of support, such as medication to reduce anxiety a nominal “boarding nurse treatment” fee of $7 per day will be added
  • If your furry companion needs more involved care, including medication and additional fluids, a “special needs boarding fee” of $22 per day will apply

How will I know if my cat will need additional care during boarding?

Predicting whether your cat may require additional support during boarding can be challenging, especially for first-time boarders. Generally, young and healthy cats are less likely to require extra care, as are those who have previously boarded and exhibited their usual behaviours. However, older cats, more nervous individuals, pets with existing medical conditions, or those who have previously needed assistance during boarding are more likely to benefit from extra attention.

What if I don’t want any additional fees?

As mentioned above, we monitor our guests closely and work very hard to ensure their comfort. Please discuss in advance, if you do not wish to take advantage of the special care here at Summer Hill Village Vet. We treat each situation on a case-by-case basis and encourage any questions or concerns. In rare cases, we may suggest considering a different boarding facility that better aligns with your preferences.

Do I need to be contacted while I am away?

This is entirely your decision. Providing specialised care to our senior patients is standard practice for us, and it does not necessarily indicate a serious problem. We are very happy to let you know if your cat needs some extra help each day, or, if you prefer, we can provide a summary of their stay upon your return. However, if your pet develops a medical condition or illness that requires them to see a vet for a formal consultation, we will notify you. If you anticipate being unreachable during your absence and cannot provide an alternate contact to make decisions on your behalf, please notify us in advance, so we can plan accordingly.

What happens in an emergency if I cannot be contacted?

Rest assured that our vets will provide immediate and necessary care for your pet. We kindly request you to refer to our boarding terms and conditions, which outline the process for emergency treatment and the associated expenses. If you do not consent to these conditions, it is important we address this concern and document it prior to admission, or in some instances, recommend an alternate boarding facility.

I have more questions.

Please email us any time at contact@summerhillvillagevet.com. We are here to address your queries and provide you with peace of mind regarding the care and comfort of your cherished companions.