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"The Wrath of Grapes" ...yep, grapes are poisonous to dogs. Raisins too! We don't know why, but they have been confirmed to have caused renal or kidney failure in many dogs.

I have a friend who has had dogs her whole life. When I told her about a poor dog we had in the clinic recently who died spectacularly from grape ingestion, she was very surprised. This friend has owned dogs her whole life and had never heard of this.
I thought if she doesn't know then other people may not know.

On further investigation it seems this link was only discovered in 1999 and took a while to research. To this day we still don't know what makes some grapes tolerable and others toxic in tiny amounts. Best practice is to NEVER give your dog grapes, sultanas or raisins, ever!

If your pet does accidentally ingest them please take them straight to your vet or emergency hospital for treatment as early detection can be treated. For more information feel free to contact us at for an information sheet.
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Here's something to brighten up your start to the week!🌻

One of our lovely clients sent us this photo of their gentle giant husky, Kushiel, and his new kitten sister Toby.

Sweetest thing you'll see for a while💖
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3 weeks ago

Summer Hill Village Vet

Felix is an absolute sweet heart who looks like he had a rough start in life. Luckily his mum adopted him recently and has spoilt him ever since - at 10years old Felix is lucky to have found such a wonderful loving new home !
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