Is your pet holiday ready?

Preparing for the holidays can be stressful- to help make things easier for you Dr Lydia has put together a checklist to ensure you don’t need to have that last minute emergency visit to the vet!

Print a copy of the checklist below and take some time to go through it – if you notice there are some things you aren’t sure about please feel free to call us on 9797 2555 so we can make sure you and your pet have a fun and safe holiday!

Pet Holiday Checklist 

Special Needs Boarding


Summer Hill Village Vet knows that taking a holiday is difficult when you have a pet with special needs. Be it a senior cat that doesn’t adjust to change and boarding well, or a family feline with a medical issue (or two!), even taking a long weekend away can seem like more stress than relaxation. To help you feel assured your cat’s safe and snug, we have changed our boarding policies to make monitoring and assessing your little one’s needs even more thorough.

Mork getting some TLC while his family is on holiday.


The staff at Summer Hill Village Vet have always taken care with all their cat boarders. This month we’ve been refreshing our boarding room and saw the opportunity to provide even more features and benefits to our lodgers with special needs. Almost all Special Needs Boarders will have an assessment by a vet upon admission. A detailed plan is written up that the vet and you agree on to best care for your boarding pet. We’ll also discuss upon admission when and how to send boarder updates while you’re on holiday, including options like SMS photos and health check updates.


SMS picture updates of your cat are always available.

All our cattery guests get love and attention, but age and medical conditions mean some boarders need extra care. Even healthy older cats may get nervous the first day or two in boarding, which could cause them to not eat or toilet properly. If your cat is new to our clinic and over 8 years old and/or has a medical condition, we will book a vet admission consult the same day you’ll be bringing your cat in for boarding. All patients and boarders (even our lovely regulars) over 12 years old will get a vet admission consult for every boarding visit. These special admissions allow us to personalise their needs, and can include (among other possible needs) such medical requirements as:

  • Fluid support
  • Injections
  • Daily vitals
  • Blood glucose check
  • Urine Test
  • Blood pressure monitor

Are you thinking of your own grand adventure? Do you have questions about how we can attend to your cat’s special needs? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at (02) 9797 2555.

Traveling overseas with pets

Helping you export your fur family

Do you have a great new job overseas? Traveling the world in search of adventure? If you’ve been struck by wanderlust or the need to move to another country, figuring out how to bring your pet along can be a confusing process. Summer Hill Village Vet’s very own Dr Sandra Hodgins can ease the stress of relocation, with 18 years of experience in Australia’s companion animal export system.

New exporting regulations:

At the start of 2018, Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources made changes to it’s exporting procedure. Now all fully registered veterinarians can prepare cats, dogs, and pet birds for export from Australia. Although vets may have experience in pet care, the multiple government regulations, flight restrictions, and time-sensitive paperwork involved is a new and unfamiliar territory for those not previously accredited. This lack of experience can cause mistakes in the process, and cost you time and money.

Dr Sandra has over 18 years experience in exporting companion animals.

How we can help:

Dr Sandra is fully AQIS accredited since 2000, and navigates the Australian animal health certification system with confidence and knowledge. Since the announcement of requirement changes, she has been working closely with Dr Kate Luk and Dr Toni Nguyen. Travellers benefit from the convenience of several vets at our clinic, and the reassurance of guidance by Dr Sandra’s years of practice. Summer Hill Village Vet is here to make the process easier, so you can focus on your new travels ahead.

Are you thinking of your own grand adventure? Would you like to share your personal experience of traveling with your fur family? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below, or contact us at (02) 9797 2555.