New For Dental Month: Maxi/guard

MAXIGUARD® oral cleansing products have been used by veterinarians worldwide for the last 20 years and are consid

ered the most effective and user friendly products available for companion animals, horses and exotics. The MAXIGUARD® range consists of products suitable for maintaining oral health as well as those recommended for advanced periodontal cases, post oral surgery and pre and post dental cleaning.

All MAXIGUARD® products contain Zinc which is antibacterial and reduces the anaerobic bacteria responsible for plaque formation and halitosis. Maxiguard Oral Gel formulation also contain Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production and aids gingival repair for treatment

of periodontal pockets and gingival recession.

MAXIGUARD® products are are available in gel and wipe formulations to suit patient requirements and owner preference. MAXIGUARD® wipes and OraZn gel have no Vitamin C and are suitable for maintaining oral health, oral gel has Vitamin C and is suitable for treating periodontal disease as well as maintaining oral health. The products are applied once a day and may be used with or without brushing. Gels are applied to gums above the back molars which stimulates the salivary glands to distribute the product to the whole oral cavity. Only a small amount is required. Wipes are used by gently rubbing the teeth and gums daily.

MAXIGUARD® is a natural product and safe for daily use. Laboratory evaluations demonstrate that dosing twice per day at the recommended small volume, will deliver considerably less zinc intake than recognised toxic levels or even the required daily intake from the diet. Natural oral compounds like zinc ascorbate/Taurine are generally recognised as the safest approach to oral care, especially in animals where the product is ingested. Many home care dental products contain Chlorhexidine which can increase plaque/calculus formation, stain teeth brown, and decrease the pet’s sense of taste. MAXI/GUARD® is Chlorhexidine free and does not have these side effects.