What is GingiShield™ Antibacterial Enamel Sealant? GingiShield is a clear sealant applied to at-risk teeth to kill harmful bacteria and helps prevent the formation of plaque, reducing the risk of periodontal disease (gum disease).

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in dental plaque and leads to bad breath, tooth loss, bone loss, and heart, kidney, and liver disease in both dogs and cats. ​

GingiShield is the same product used by dentists and cleared by the FDA to seal and protect children’s teeth, but formulated for veterinary use. GingiShield is non-toxic and is safe for dogs and cats of all sizes.

GingiShield is the only sealant with patented SELDOX antibacterial protection – safely killing bacteria and inhibiting plaque formation. Additionally, other veterinary tooth sealants must be reapplied frequently between dental cleanings, while a single GingiShield application lasts a year or longer.

Can GingiShield be applied at home? No, GingiShield must be applied only by veterinary professionals. Application requires specialized equipment and training. GingiShield is applied during routine dental cleaning.

Dental Month Special Offer!

This year for Dental Month, we will be offering free GingiShield treatments on problem teeth for pets having a dental procedure! Please call the clinic on (02) 97972555 to book your pets dental procedure.