What Can a Urine Test Tell Us About Your Pets Health?

Urine analysis is a routine test that can reveal a lot about your cat or dogs internal health. All parts of the urine are tested including its appearance, concentration, acidity, and solid material makeup, to tell us about any underlying conditions that your furry friend may have. It can also assist us in the early detection of abnormalities and help us to monitor pre-existing conditions.

Urine analysis can help detect:

  • Urinary Tract infections
  • kidney disease
  • diabetes
  • liver disease
  • bladder stones
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • some metabolic diseases

Urine samples and your senior pet

As your pet gets older, it becomes increasingly important to monitor your pets internal health for both early detection and maintenance. More often than not, a physical examination and even a blood test are not enough to diagnose your pet and we will send you home with a urine pot to collect a sample. To save you some time and effort, we recommend brining a urine sample with you to your pets appointment.

How do I collect a urine sample

See below for some helpful videos on how to collect urine samples from you cat or dog. Feel free to drop into the clinic and get a urine pot to store the sample in! You can also purchase feline bead litter to assist you in collecting from your cat.

If you are struggling to collect a sample, no need to stress! Call us at the clinic on 02 9797 2555 for further information.