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NAME: Houdini
AGE: 4 years old
BREED: Dwarf Netherlands Rabbit (HE IS ALSO UNDESEXED)
COLOUR & DESCRIPTION: He is normally grey with a white underbelly, white outlining his paws, white around his eyes, white under his chin & around his nose, white on his undertail & a little light grey patch behind his ears. RIGHT NOW, he is a brown/blonde due to the sun bleaching his outer coat of fur (PLEASE REFER TO THE PICTURE OF MY DESCRIPTION OF HIS FUR).
His white parts I have described are still white.
LAST SEEN: in his round pen in our front yard on Saturday 10th October
LOCATION: Belmore Rd N, Riverwood
CONTACT: 0404 979 938 or 0425 522 881
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One of the pet skin-care hampers up for grabs has been put together by Dermcare.

We stock Dermcare Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo and Natural Shampoo (+ conditioners) as both products are soap-free and therefore safe to use for animals with sensitive skin.
Aloveen Oatmeal Conditioner can be applied to a damp coat after bathing for added moisture and soothing effect - particularly beneficial for those pets that are prone to dry and itchy skin.
Aloveen Shampoo and Natural Shampoo are pH neutral and soap-free with a pleasant fragrance. They are suitable for allergic and sensitive skin types as well as pets with normal skin :-)

‼️TO WIN the Dermcare pet hamper all you have to do is pop in clinic and follow the instructions to answer the question - what is the most common cause for skin issues in cats and dogs?
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‼️Here is the first question in our weekly quiz series on skin disease, with the answers to come later next week. Anybody who emails or Facebook messages a correct answer wins a showbag! (in-clinic collection only).

Both of these cats are suffering from treatable diseases caused by “organisms".
⭐️ Is the infectious agent the same in each cat?⭐️

BONUS QUESTION for a bonus treat to be added to your showbag - guess what the organism(s) could be?

Facebook message or email us your answer to
Have a guess!! :)
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