Freya has been a Summer Hill Village Vet regular since 2008. Her mum, Helen, does an amazing job of providing all of the care Freya needs as a senior citizen.

Freya is seventeen years old, blind in one eye and suffers from some of the more common illnesses we see in older cats including low-grade kidney disease and hyper- thyroidism.

The first sign that alerted Freya’s mum to the fact that something wasn’t quite right with her little old lady was that she was losing weight. When we weighed her at the clinic we realised that she had lost 25% of her body weight!

Freya had a blood test that confirmed she had hyperthyroidism and was given a paste that Helen applies to her ear each morning and night. After two months on her thyroid medication, Freya has already regained half of what she lost!

For a cat her age, Freya is doing tremendously. We love having her stay at the clinic when Helen is away! She’s always up for lots of cuddles and loves curling up on her special crocheted nanna blanket!