Get peace of mind and save with our Pet Wellness Plans. We accept ZIPPAY and ZIPMONEY. We’re here for you if you have any questions about our fees and services. Contact us on 02 9797 2555.

Consultation Fees

Standard Consultation (one problem) 20 minutes $109
Consultation URGENT $129
Revisit Consultation $94
Consultation – Saturday $119
Extended consultation (two or more problems) 30 minutes $149
Nurse Consultation $59

Health Check and Vaccinations

Cat/Kitten F3 $124
Cat/Kitten F3 + FIV $139
FIV Booster $44
Dog/Puppy C5 $149
Dog/Puppy C7 $179
C2i Booster $48
Rabbit (Filavac) $169

Common Procedures

Anal Sac Expression $39
Ear Cytology $93
Nail Trim (nurse) $28
Cat Boarding per night $38

Dental Care

Dental Check in Consult Free
Scale and polish cat ** From 485
Scale and polish dog ** From 595
Dental X-rays full mouth cat $149
Dental X-rays full mouth dog $199

** all dental costs listed are minimum starting points.
** any animal requiring a dental must undergo a dental check in the
consultation room so that accurate costs can be estimated
** extractions (if required) are NOT listed in these costs


Price varies depending on age, sex, body weight and health – please give our reception team a call on 02 9797 2555.