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Identify your cat!!
Just a little heads up that it is recommended to provide more than one form of identification on your cat, for various reasons. A microchip is compulsory. For other reasons we also recommend a "cat safe" collar and a tag with a phone number.

1. At a glance a person can see if your cat is owned and if they appear lost, call you. Most people do NOT have the ability to catch and confine a cat safely in a cage to then transport it to the vet for scanning and looking up of a microchip number. Seriously, just make it easy for people.

2. Many people forget to update their microchip details.

3. Some people's details never made it to the microchip register for various reasons including data entry error, failure to lodge change of owner forms, etc.

4. Microchips can malfunction. There has been a case in Australia recently where a fractious cat was scanned by the council and found NOT to have a microchip. It was taken to their local vet for euthanasia, on the assumption that the cat was feral (in retrospect it was probably just terrified). The vet staff also scanned the animal prior to euthanasia and did NOT detect a chip. The animal was euthanised as per council's request. After LATER seeing a flyer for a missing cat fitting the description of the deceased cat a staff member rescanned the deceased cat and eventually detected a microchip. This was somebody's lost cat! The vet staff and the owners are absolutely devastated. This was not operator error, it was technology error. It happens rarely but it does happen. In the past Dr Sandra has done vet work for 4 pounds for almost 2 decades and has seen similar situations where chips have not been detected on the first scanning. On at least 2 occasions in her career she has detected microchips in animals on an X-ray that have NOT been readable with a scanner.

5. You can attach a bell to warn native birds away.

6. There are some very fashionable collars out there :)
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