It’s Dental Health Month!

Come in for a FREE dental check to find out what SPECIAL OFFER your dog or cat qualifies for before prices go up in October!

In a recent study of animals who have had dental care at our clinic we realised that a whopping 40% required extractions! This made us think that we are not pushing people enough to have preventative care BEFORE the situation reaches this point. We want this to change for the best!

That’s why at SHVV this Dental Month we are trying to simplify dental care and keep it affordable for our clients. We want those “scale and polishes” happening BEFORE teeth start to become diseased.

Step 1

Find out if your pet needs dental care with a FREE Dental Health Check!

Step 2

If your pet has tartar or gingivitis when examined, they will likely need a scale and polish. We call this a “Stage 1 Dental Procedure”. *

For the month of August and September 2023 the cost of having this done is as follows:

  • Cat with mild disease $379
  • Cat with advanced disease $487
  • Dog with mild disease $495
  • Dog with advanced disease $603.

*These prices include a health examination, hospitalisation, general anaesthetic, IV fluids, scale and polish, charting, probing, dental plan. These prices DO NOT include extractions.

**Some of these animals will require dental x-rays in addition to the scale and polish. You will be informed at your FREE Dental Health Check if these will be required. 

Dental x-rays:

  • Dog full mouth $189
  • Cat full mouth $139

***All animals we be offered a pre-anaesthetic blood test before their procedure in order to provide maximum anaesthetic safety. This test costs $154. It is compulsory for animals who are over 8 years old or have underlying illness.

Step 3

If you are lucky and have caught your pet’s dental disease early there will be no step 3 apart from some recommended home dental care.

For animal’s unfortunate enough to have more advanced disease requiring extractions they will be recommended to undergo a “Stage 2 Dental Procedure”.

At Summer Hill Village Vet we generally do not do extractions on the same day as the scale and polish.

This allows some recovery time for your pet as well as allowing you time to process what is needed. Your vet will go through photographs and x-rays on the day of the Stage 1 Dental Procedure, advise what is needed and the costs, then if you are happy to proceed we will book your pet in for the following fortnight.

We do NOT double up on hospital or other fees. The cost is the same as if you were doing it on the same day, but it is split over two separate days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I get a simple fixed quote to have my pet’s teeth done?

A dental procedure can be so variable in what is required between individuals that is practically impossible to “guess” a price.

Why is dental care so expensive?

It can very expensive if extractions are required. We do surgical extractions with complex flap techniques, drilling of bone, nerve blocks, use of advanced equipment, etc. Our vets undergo hours and hours of advanced training to qualify to do these procedures. We have purchased state of the art equipment for best surgical results. We can decrease the cost of care by getting in early BEFORE they need extractions.

All pet owners should budget for a yearly scale and polish as a minimum when their animals are over 3 years of age. Some animals need these procedures even earlier.

Why do some animals have perfect teeth but others need extractions early?

Genetics plays a huge role in dental disease. Even then approximately 80% of animals over 3 years of age have some form of dental disease. Preventative measures such as dental chews and supplements can help, as does teeth brushing. 

Some other vets are cheaper, why can’t you do it for this much?

It’s hard to compare prices if we don’t know if we are comparing simple procedures vs more advanced ones. We can have a dog with 14 teeth removed in a procedure that is cheaper because they were almost falling out, yet another pet may have 14 teeth removed with a complex surgical extraction for every root that is double or triple the price. There will also be a variation in overheads between some clinics, as well as staffing levels, staff experience and equipment levels.

Terms and Conditions

All pets must undergo a Free Dental Check before booking a Dental Procedure.

SHVV reserves the right to refuse to book a procedure once the dental check has occurred.

All costs listed are estimations and will be confirmed at the Free Dental Check OR at the end of the stage 1 dental. Even then additional costs can be incurred on the day should an animal develop a complication requiring additional veterinary care or intervention.

SHVV does it’s best to anticipate anaesthetic risk but these will always remain a risk on the day, with some animals developing complications which can result in serious injury and even death.

Written consent will be required before every procedure and the terms on that consent form may be more extensive than on this promotion.

All procedures must be paid for at the time of admission on the day.

If SHVV does not have appointment times free for the dental checks or the procedures during the stated months of August and September 2023 then we are not under any obligation to extend the period of reduced costs. 

All estimates given during Free Dental Checks or Stage 1 Dental Procedures are valid for 2 weeks from the date of generation. If a client chooses not to book in this time we are not under any obligation to honour this estimate.

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