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My Microchip saved me!

It was a dark and stormy night in mid-August……no, wait, that’s another story. One evening in mid August, not long before closing time, we received a call from a member of the public who had found a stray dog and wanted to bring him down so we could scan him for a microchip and perhaps […]

Dental Care FAQs

Dental Care: Frequently Asked Questions Question: Why must my pet undergo anesthesia for a dental cleaning?  Can’t the groomer just scrape the tartar off of his teeth? Tartar is made of bacteria and when it is removed from the surface of the teeth we worry that small pieces could be inhaled by the patient causing […]


Apart from the distress and suffering these diseases can cause your pet … cost of a vaccine – approx. $100 per year, varies with patient species & choice of vaccine cost of 1 week hospitalisation & intensive care with parvovirus – up to $2,000 cost of antiviral ointments and specialist treatment of eye ulcers from […]