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Get started with our Pet Health Care Plans today!

  At Summer Hill Village Vet we believe healthy pets are happy pets.   That is why we offer custom Pet Health Care Plans that allow you to provide your dog or cat with an optimum preventative healthcare regime that promotes a long and happy relationship and a healthier than average pet.   Click on […]

How to protect your pet over summer

It’s the middle of summer and we have some tips to help look after your pet through the hot weather and tick season!   HEATSTROKE  Heatstroke in dogs is a very serious condition as it can escalate quite quickly into an emergency situation and can even be fatal in some cases. Dogs are not as […]

Seasonal Allergies in Pets

As we move into the Spring and Summer season, pets that are susceptible to seasonal allergies will see a rise in symptoms and your pet may start displaying symptoms of this type of allergy.  It’s important to know what symptoms to look for and what you should do to help your pet if they are […]